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Heroku Buildpacks Deprecation

Heroku Buildpacks will be removed from Railway.


TL;DR - Heroku Buildpacks will be removed from the platform on November 14th, 2022. Migrate your projects if you haven’t!

The Heroku and Paketo Buildpacks will be removed off Railway on November 14th, 2022.

Nixpacks has been GA on our platform for more than 4 months. 1,000+ GitHub stars and 400,000+ builds with it means we have enough confidence that we can fully cutover and remove the other buildpack options.

All new projects already use Nixpacks as the default.

Migration Steps

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After November 14th, it will be impossible to change the builder to either Heroku or Paketo buildpacks.

Changing your Builder

Its easy to change your builder to Nixpacks.

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  1. First, click the service that you wish to change the builder for.
  1. Then select the Settings tab
  1. Scroll down to the Build section.
  1. Then under Builder, click the Change button and select the option to Nixpacks.

We ask that you attempt a new build with Nixpacks if you haven’t already and flag any issue that you face in Discord or our Canny. We will be prioritizing experience breaking bugs as p0 before the final deprecation.

Keep an eye out for coming notifications and mail for any further updates on the deprecation timeline.

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