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The Starter Plan (Free Plan)

All about our free offering. No credit card needed!

Railway has multiple plans that fit your need on the platform. Projects inherit the caps of the plan that the user has. Projects that are made within a team belong to the team and aren't tied to a Railway user.

Starter Plan

Stater plans are designed to help you evaluate Railway and are fit for hobbyist projects. You get access to all features on Railway and you have no limits to the amount of projects you can provision.

Starter plans get $5 of credits that do not accumulate.

Starter plans also have an execution limit, users get 500 execution hours per month. Hours get consumed if you at least have one service live.

If you have one service, it will deplete the 500 hour reserve at a normal rate. If you have two services, the timer will also deplete at a normal rate.

Tier Offering

  • Max to 512 MB of RAM
  • Shared vCPU capacity
  • Up to 1 GB of Disk (Shared between plugins)
  • $5 of monthly usage
  • Project deploys are stood down if credit limit OR execution hour limit is reached
  • Plugin connection strings are changed then hidden when usage is reached (your data is not deleted)
  • Need to redeploy projects after the new monthly credit is applied to your account

Execution Hours

Only applies to the Starter Plan. Paid plans on Railway are exempt from this limit.

Execution hours are how we measure how long an account has at least one deploy.

However, they are not a direct measurement of the time your app has been up. It is a separate measure of your app's compute usage.

Railway limits free accounts to 500 hours of continuous uptime. If you have a deploy live, time is consumed.

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